It's Not Just Oysters, It's Oyster Display!

Oyster Display has engineered an oyster display unit to ‘Bring the Ocean to your Table’. Designed to provide your patrons the freshest oyster experience- LIVE. This temperature controlled mini eco-system provides a natural habitat for your oysters where they can live for weeks at a time, maintaining the same taste and quality they had when they were farmed. It will create an attraction at your door, allow you to maximize your oyster profits, is easy to use and maintenance free.

If you thought of adding another food item to your menu, Creating an additional profit center, Enhancing your restaurant’s ‘wait time’ experience, Extending your happy hour, or Serving your patrons the freshest ‘live’ oysters, the Oyster Display Unit can make that all happen.

Oyster Display provides a full line of display tanks to suit your needs. They can be branded with your business logo, built to fit the unit storage area, and designed to create the image you desire.

Compare with the traditional method of serving!

The traditional method of storage of oysters on a bed of ice leads to a short shelf life. In most instances, unsold oysters will have to be discarded in a day or two. With the use of an oyster tank, the shelf life can be increased by as much as a factor of two.

Live is the freshest seafood can be. We mean it when we say we ‘bring the ocean to your table’, literally. The tank allows the oysters to live in their natural habitat until served.

Whether you serve it Raw, baked, BBQ, fried or steamed – your patrons will always experience the freshest oyster that day, the following day, or even a week later.


Presentation of product is improved using the Oyster Bar. When your patrons enter your establishment, they will see a branded unit (yours) displaying live oysters with a ‘shower effect’. Curiosity will take over. Your establishment will now be synonymous with ‘live’, fresh oysters. Adding that additional food item will mean new experience for your existing customers ones or a familiar experience for new ones.


Take 90 days to evaluate whether it’s a fit for your establishment. If it works for your customer model, developed or established, just use it. We will keep your unit replenished with a demand-based supply of oysters of your choice. If it doesn’t fit, call us and we will come pick it up.

We are confident you’ll want to keep it!

Maximize Your Profits

There is no sell by date because the Oysters can live in the unit for weeks and remain as fresh as the first day. There is no waste, no need to sell cheap, or discard the unsold product. You get to control your inventory and always sell 100% of your product.

Easy to Use

Anyone can to operate the unit and no need for specialized staff. If you can open a lid, pluck and shuck an oyster, you’re an expert. The design supports the first in-first out method and you can serve right out of the unit.

Maintenance Free

All you do is plug and play. Oyster Display will ensure that your unit is always operating optimally and offers full maintenance support. Maintenance free means filter replacements, UV replacement, salination level check, water changes and product replenishment. A complete inventory of all parts is maintained for your benefit and skilled technicians are on call when needed.



A Kiosk concept design. The Oyster display has a footprint of 2ft x 3ft and is on coasters. It can be easily located anywhere that makes the most advantageous effect.


Oysters are harvested directly from the Oyster farms. A strict log of all required data regarding harvest, temperatures and locations are maintained. This data is maintained from the ocean to the customers doorstep.

The Unit (Tank)

The manufacturing of oyster tanks requires deep knowledge about the oysters themselves. Because of this knowledge and a sophisticated engineering staff, Oyster Display can deliver a safe, reliable and effective product that addresses some key areas of the oyster experience such as shelf life, quality, and economy.

Mechanical Components:

Circulation Pump, Filtration Unit, Refrigeration Unit, Ultraviolet Light and HDPE Holding Tank


The Oyster tank works using only recirculated saltwater. On a continuous basis, the water passes through multiple filtration processes. The process is as follows: Water showers on the oysters. The water then flows through the prefiltration unit and into the storage tank below the glass tower.  This prefiltration consists of virgin carbon. As the water flows towards the suction of the pump, it passes through the main filtration located in the bottom of the tank. This filtration system consists of a bacteriological filter and a filtering channel.

Water Chiller 

 The water exists the bottom of tank and enters the suction side of pump. The pump discharge forces the water through the Water Chiller. This chiller maintains a temperature of 41o F 

 Ultraviolet Light

Upon exiting the chiller, the water enters the Ultraviolet Light. This light performs the disinfection of the water so that your oysters experience only the safest water. Leaving the UVL, the water is forced back up to the spray tray with carbon filters completing the cycle.

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